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“Good foods and environment can make people much healthier and happier.”

YUHANA’s products are motivated by the history of longevity and healthy lifestyle from Japan and the abundant natural blessings that Papua New Guinea has to offer, in the pursuit of improving people’s health.

The foods and products that YUHANA offers are useful for a healthy life.

We believe that producers should deliver better products to people.



Japanese Healthy Furikake

Furikake is made by luxury bonito flakes from Makurazaki, Japan. 

Furikake is a Japanese traditional rice-seasoning that contains a lot of Umami flavor. Umami is the secret fifth sense of flavour (along with salt, sour, sweet and bitter) used in cooking which guarantees to bring a unique and flavourful quality to your dishes.

When Bonito flakes are smoked and dried, they gain a lot of umami flavor which is perfect for use in soup stock (called DASHI in Japan). It is rich in essential minerals, essential amino acids, vitamins and proteins, which makes it ideal for pregnant women, people who want to maintain good health, and growing children.


・YUHANA Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee scrub uses fragrant coffee from Papua New Guinea.

Caffeine and chlorogenic acid contained in coffee have the effect of decomposing fats. It also removes dirt stuck in the pores and helps reduce rough skin and acne.  

It is especially recommended for people who want to pamper themselves or those who care about rough skin. There is also an additional skin moisturizing effect with our added blend of infused coconut oil.

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