Japanese Healthy Furikake (Rice seasoning)

Japanese Healthy Furikake is our signature product.


Furikake is made by luxury bonito flakes from Makurazaki, Japan. 

Furikake is a Japanese traditional rice-seasoning that contains a lot of Umami flavor. Umami is the secret fifth sense of flavour (along with salt, sour, sweet and bitter) used in cooking which guarantees to bring a unique and flavourful quality to your dishes.

When Bonito flakes are smoked and dried, they gain a lot of umami flavor which is perfect for use in soup stock (called DASHI in Japan). It is rich in essential minerals, essential amino acids, vitamins and proteins, which makes it ideal for pregnant women, people who want to maintain good health, and growing children.




Japanese Healthy Furikake is a very good combination with rice but also salad, sushi, meat, fish…

You can try with your favorite meal!


No MSG, Organic, Home-made with Love in PNG.


・Japanese Healthy Furikake (50g) Price – 25 Kina

・Ingredients : Bonito Flakes, Sesame seeds, Soy Source, Roasted Rice, Salt, Brown Sugar, Green Tea Powder, Sesame Oil and Dashi.

How to Purchase Japanese Healthy Furikake?

・POM CITY Markets ( random)

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・You can order from [ yuhanapng@gmail.com ].

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